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Airtable Careers: Reasons to Apply

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1. Airtable is a great place to strengthen your first principles thinking.

People we talked with at Airtable noted that it’s a great place to grow in first principles thinking skills.

You’ll both ask and be asked many probing questions about what you or others are doing, and why. Airtable has a focus on getting to the bottom of why things are done a certain way, in order to find the most optimal long term solution.

Things won’t be done a certain way “just because.”

2. The amount customers love a product can be predictive of success. Airtable’s users literally write love letters.

Even in the early days of Airtable, the company would receive literal love letters from users. Talking about all the amazing things that Airtable has allowed them to do.

3. The Airtable mission is special: democratizing software creation.

Software is powerful for solving problems. But most people can’t program. Airtable is helping bring the benefits of being able to program to the masses.

Tools that give leverage to individuals are pretty amazing.

4. Tech team: Airtable is a great place to develop engineering skills and product skills.

There are lots of hard tech problems at Airtable because the product is so technical.

And, it’s a great place to get better at product development because there are lots of skilled product people at the company.

5. Sales team: Airtable is a great place to develop skills for consultative, high leverage sales.

Airtable has a unique type of sales. Consultative and high leverage. This means you can have deep impact on the companies you are selling to.

6. You’ll get lots of breakout-phase learnings, because the company is really transparent.

The company loves writing docs and is super transparent. This is great because it means if you’re eager to learn, you can go and read all of these docs to get a deep understanding of how the company works.

You’ll be able to learn about things like sales/go to market strategy, pricing, etc.

7. How to know if you might be a fit

For the sales team:

For the tech team:

On the tech team, there are two tracks. The systems/backend track and the product-facing track. Though people on the product-facing track do write backend code if needed. There’s roughly an even split between the two teams.

8. Next step

If you’d like more information, check out this page on Airtable’s engineering culture.

If this page was compelling to you, please apply. At least create the option for yourself! Get more information so that you can make an informed decision and not miss out on any highly promising options.