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AngelList allows startups to raise money online.

Based in San Francisco.

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AngelList Homepage


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We are a small team making a big impact. Naval and Nivi (and really, everyone on the team) have been involved with multiple startups and want to create a community where we can set founders and investors up for success. We’re looking for like-minded, full-stack engineers, designers and biz dev folks to join our team.

1-(wo)man startups

The AngelList team is roughly organized into 1-(wo)man startups. That means we expect you to treat your project like a startup.

AngelList new employee reading list

I do the onboarding for all new AngelList team members. Part of it is asking them to read the following (many candidates have read these before they even come in for an interview).

AngelList Culture Deck

Hacking AngelList syndicates with cofounder Naval Ravikant (YouTube)

Really the right answer is fifty thousand dollars build your product, launch it, accelerator style. Five hundred thousand dollars to prove something big. Then maybe your next round is a million, million and a half and get to profitability because it doesn’t take that much to build a company anymore.

Naval Ravikant Talks Entrepreneurship (YouTube)


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