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Breakout List: High Potential and High Growth Companies


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Apply your company to be a Breakout.

If you’d like to apply your company to be considered for Breakout List, please submit any data or evidence that we should take into consideration here.

If you’d like your company to be considered for a homepage feature on the next Breakout List, please submit this.

If you believe your company may be one of the most promising ultra-early stage companies right now, please apply to be a future Breakout. We will pick between 0 to 1 extremely compelling ultra early stage companies every 6 months, and feature them on the homepage to help them recruit the key people that will make their business win.

If you’re an investor who is happy to help us identify and assess companies, please add your email address here.

Apply to work on the Breakout List.

We have opportunities for a few highly talented people. The benefits are likely to involve amassing substantial startup knowledge, building a strong network, and positioning yourself well to either start or run a great business in the future. Especially suited to people who believe that they’re undervalued - people who are better than their resumes indicate.

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If you’re interested in one of these or collaborating in another way, fill out this form to get more info.