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Breakout List: High Potential and High Growth Companies

Bolt Careers: Reasons to Apply

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1. Bolt is an incredible place for personal growth.

Get in on the ground floor of massive and rapid scaling.

You’ll have the opportunity to pursue outsized responsibility.

Strong culture of personal and professional growth. The company has invested in mentors, advisors, coaches, and leaders with amazing backgrounds and experiences.

2. The team is uniquely determined and ambitious.

Ryan (CEO) has a massive vision for Bolt in a HUGE market.

3. The opportunity is immense.

The business grew 20x in 2018, headcount grew 4x.

Revenues increasing at hypergrowth rates with strong margin / fundamentals.

Clear path to being a massively important player in online commerce (multi-trillion dollar market) with hard work and great people.

4. The product resonates.

Ecommerce is a highly competitive market. Retailers are forced to compete with goliaths like Amazon, but without access to the same set of technological solutions.

Bolt manages the order flow starting at the point of checkout, and backs the leading checkout and payments experience with zero fraud guarantee built-in. Everything checkout-related on a single unified platform that delivers measurable economic results. They publish repeated studies documenting the performance lifts for their clients.

That success is what has driven incredible traction and interest from the retail market in Bolt.

5. Building better-than-Amazon checkout and payments to power commerce across the web.

Independent sellers deserve great technology that works for them. Bolt is building better-than-Amazon tools to empower those independent sellers, turning the tide of consolidation in online commerce.

Bolt’s vision is frictionless and secure commerce across the web.

6. How to know if Bolt is right for you:

If Bolt’s strong culture resonates: Trust your gut; Hard work sets us apart; Ownership leads to impact; Honesty and candor drive growth; and Intelligence and talent compounds.

The Bolt team sees 1000+ resumes for every hire. They look for the intersection between amazing people and great talent.

7. Meet the team.

The team at Bolt is both opportunistic and pragmatic about hiring. If their breakout trajectory and culture seems compelling, we encourage you to reach out. They go above and beyond for great talent.

🚀 View the open jobs at Bolt to see if there's a fit for you.

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