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Breakout List: Identify Top Startups To Join

Breakout Challenges for Founder-Types

🌎 A list of important problems that may need your unique talents.

Find high quality peers and potential future co-founders interested in the same problems as you.

10 Top Problems

  1. 😴 Drug-free insomnia treatment. Help society become well-rested. 👋 Get more info.

  2. 🏢 Outsourced mid-level managers for companies. Help people love their jobs. 👋 Get more info.

  3. 👫 Match high quality potential co-founders. Make more startups exist. 👋 Get more info.

  4. ⛪️ Community and events as a service, starting with specific religions. Increase world happiness. 👋 Get more info.

  5. 😄 Help people find excellent life coaches. Many life coaches aren’t so good. 👋 Get more info.

  6. 🍸 Telemedicine for alcohol dependence treatments. Reduce alcoholism. 👋 Get more info.

  7. 🏢 Software to help companies retain their employees. Increase satisfaction at work. 👋 Get more info.

  8. ⛪️ Online churches. Bring purpose and community to more people. 👋 Get more info.

  9. 💵 Invest in people to help them reach their earning potential. Ease financial worries. 👋 Get more info.

  10. 🏘 Make existing real estate more community oriented with technology. Provide a sense of belonging. 👋 Get more info.

More problems

👉 Request access to the list of 25+ other important problems that’re seeking collaborators.

Or, get matched to a problem: fill this out to learn which project most needs your unique skills. Get information, and then if there’s mutual fit great, and if not, at least you explored the option. A number of projects are seeking learning-machine generalist founder-types with great judgement, with minimal concern for credentials/resume/experience/specific skills/etc.

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