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The easiest way to sell (and buy) your home. Receive an instant offer online and close in 3 days.

Hiring for: engineering, operations

Rabois has been sitting on the idea since 2003

The market is huge

Super strong founding team

Opendoor Homepage

Opendoor Homepage


Ian Wong - Co-founder - LinkedIn

Keith Rabois - Co-founder, Executive Chairman - LinkedIn

Eric Wu - Co-founder, CEO - LinkedIn

JD Ross - Co-founder - LinkedIn


Location: San Francisco

Team size: 27 as of June 2015, 187 as of November 2016


Lead investors: Khosla Ventures (A), GGV Capital (B)

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Khosla Ventures’ Keith Rabois finally launches his real estate startup (VentureBeat)

“We have to value the home, sight unseen,” he said. “You can put in your address and we tell you what it’s worth instantly. And we’ll want to buy it from you for that price.”

Underneath the covers, HomeRun will analyze lots of data — some being proprietary, some not — to make an split-second calculation, with minimal human interaction. It’s “pretty complicated stuff,” Rabois said.

“This can be a $10 billion to $100 billion [business] if we just do the U.S. correctly,” Rabois said. “I don’t want to get distracted. Focus is the most important thing for startups.”

Here’s investor Keith Rabois’ bold new home-selling startup: OpenDoor (VentureBeat)

The startup will “work with sellers directly to purchase home[s],” “work with local partners to rehab, maintain, and improve our portfolio of properties,” and “partner with local brokers and Realtors to market, list on [the multiple listing service], and resell to retail buyers and investors,” according to the site online now at

What can be said about Keith Rabois's new venture named Homerun? (Quora)

What does Keith Rabois do at Opendoor?

Tuesday morning:

  • What we plan to learn that week. Across data science, growth, operations, finance, product, etc.
  • Tweak projects and prioritization. We optimize learnings given very limited bandwidth. We have fewer than 20 people right now, which is a bit outrageous given the scope of what we do as a company.
  • Cover open roles and candidates.
  • 1:1


Apply to Opendoor 🚀

All welcome, especially data scientists 😉 Or engineers who are highly determined to learn about business and building products (e.g. you would enjoy working at Opendoor if you’ve built a product that did well on product hunt, or if you have a profitable side business, if you love reading books to learn things, etc)

Before applying, I encourage you to read this.

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