If you join a company, my general advice is to join a company on a breakout trajectory.

Sam Altman, President at Y Combinator

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break·out adjective

a company that exceeds $5mm net revenue run rate or equivalent, and is poised to triple each year for the next three years (according to our admittedly biased source: investors)

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Name Notes Jobs Product Tags Size Location
Working at Adatao Adatao Business analytics Breakout 10-50 Mountain View
Working at Affirm Affirm Tech driven bank Breakout Network 50-150 SF
Working at ClassPass ClassPass Fitness subscription service Breakout 50-100 NY
Working at Context Relevant Context Relevant Predictive analytics Breakout 50-150 Seattle
Working at Cyanogen Cyanogen Android OS Breakout 50-150 Palo Alto + Seattle
Working at Databricks Databricks Big data for Apache Spark Breakout 10-50 SF
Working at Docker Docker Application containers Breakout 50-150 SF
Working at DoorDash DoorDash Logistics, currently meal delivery Breakout 50-150 Palo Alto
Working at Handy Handy Home cleaning Breakout 50-150 NY
Working at Illumio Illumio Software based routing/security Breakout 50-150 Sunnyvale
Working at Instacart Instacart Grocery delivery Breakout 50-150 SF
Working at Intercom Intercom Web app analytics Breakout 50-200 SF
Mortgages Breakout Low Profile 25-50 SF
Working at Lyft Lyft Transport Breakout Momentum 100-250 SF
Working at Memebox Memebox Beauty products Breakout Momentum 50-150 SF
Working at Mesosphere Mesosphere Datacenter OS Breakout 25-50 SF
Working at Mixpanel Mixpanel Web/mobile analytics Breakout Momentum 50-150 SF
Working at Opendoor Opendoor Buy/sell your home online Breakout Network 25-50 SF
Working at Optimizely Optimizely A/B testing Breakout Momentum 250-500 SF
Working at Oscar Oscar Health insurance Breakout 100-250 NY
Working at Pinterest Pinterest Visual discovery Breakout Momentum 250-500 SF
Working at Postmates Postmates Anything delivered on-demand Breakout 50-150 SF
Working at Radius Radius Marketing to SMB Breakout 50-150 SF
Working at Segment Segment One analytics.js for all analytics services Breakout 10-50 SF
Working at Slack Slack Team chat Breakout 100-250 SF
Working at Soylent Soylent Food replacement Breakout 10-50 LA
Working at Tanium Tanium Endpoint security Breakout Momentum 50-150 Berkeley
Working at Thumbtack Thumbtack Home services Breakout 500-1000 SF
Working at Uber Uber Transport on demand Breakout 1000-5000 SF
Working at Wealthfront Wealthfront Online wealth management Breakout 50-150 Palo Alto
Working at Wish Wish Mobile ecommerce Breakout 50-150 SF
Working at ZenPayroll ZenPayroll Payroll service Breakout 50-150 SF
Working at Zenefits Zenefits HR software Breakout Momentum 500-1000 SF

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The Breakout List is compiled by surveying venture investors. We do not attempt to scrape public data.

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In a rapidly changing field like technology, the best place to get experience when you’re starting out is in younger, high-growth companies.

Then, once you’ve racked up killer skills and experiences at a high-growth company, feel free to go to a startup.

Marc Andreessen, Founding Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

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