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Reserve Careers: Reasons to Apply

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1. Reserve has a continuous amount of actually meaningful work to be done in all areas.

This is a huge benefit of working at Reserve. The daily challenges can be fascinating.

Everyone can come in and do something during the day that actually mattered.

2. The CEO, Nevin, is highly respected by the team for his strategic abilities and speed of learning.

Team members noted that Nevin is excellent at strategy in all areas. He learns rapidly and at a high level of depth, and implements a winning strategy.

3. You’ll be surrounded by high quality teammates.

They’ve had a relatively easy time so far attracting high quality team members. If you work at Reserve, you’ll be a beneficiary of this through great opportunities for self-improvement and being able to surround yourself with people you admire.

4. Reserve is very different from many startups.

The whole experience will be rather unique. The culture is very strong, the risks are unique, the opportunity is unique. This is another reason that it’s a particularly good idea to apply so you can see if it’s a great fit for you. It’s unique to the point where you won’t want to miss out on figuring out if it’s an amazing match for you.

5. The impact can be massive.

Property rights are basically whether you can “keep what belongs to you.” Countries with stronger property rights have tended to experience greater economic success.

In the United States, if you legally accumulate wealth, you can be relatively confident that the government won’t seize that wealth from you - beyond what they receive in taxes. The same is not true globally.

A digital store of value can provide an alternative path to providing strong property rights to all nations.

If someone lives in a country with weak property rights and they store their wealth in a digital value, it becomes much harder, though not impossible, for their wealth to be improperly seized.

6. How to know if you are particularly suited to Reserve:

A lot of the daily object-level work is figuring things out. So you’ll want to be comfortable with figuring things out and thinking through things.

If the “what we’re reading” list on this page resonates with you, you may want to seriously consider applying!

If you have experience working with blockchains, that’s a plus.

If you’re open to the risk and able to work on your own, you may be well suited.

Reserve has a very strong culture. That’s a great thing. Three things the team values are straightforwardness, intrinsic motivation, and truth-seeking. Read more here.

7. We strongly encourage you to apply and have an initial conversation.

If this page was compelling to you, please apply. At least create the option for yourself. Get more information so that you can make an informed decision and not miss out on any highly promising options.

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