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Product: endpoint security for enterprises

Hiring for: senior engineers, account managers, marketing operations manager

Tanium Homepage

Tanium Homepage


Location: Durham, NC and Emeryville, CA (near Berkeley)


Lead investors: Andreessen Horowitz (A), Andreessen Horowitz (B)

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Meet Tanium, The Secret Cybersecurity Weapon Of Target, Visa And Amazon

When Steven Sinofsky first saw Tanium software in action, he–along with the rest of a conference room full of Andreessen Horowitz partners–thought it was a trick. “It was too fast,” says Sinofsky, who used to run Microsoft’s Windows division. “To a person, we just assumed it was a mock-up. We asked how long it would take to build for real.”

More Tanium Magic

For a just over a year, Tanium Corporation has been impressing enterprise customers with its special brand of Tanium magic — the ability to instantly learn anything you need to know about the PCs, servers, VMs, and embedded devices such as ATMs and Point-of-Sale devices on your network. About nine months ago Andreessen Horowitz was offered the opportunity to partner with Tanium and the founders David and Orion Hindawi, and we could not be more impressed with the progress and growth of the company. This week Tanium is adding some more magic to an amazing product.


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